🔧 There're many ways to software craftsmanship

You, coding

There's a lot of debate in all areas of software engineering about which skills are essential.

When you work on A, which is built on B, what we teach is that learning B will make you better at A.

Although that's technically true, it doesn't paint the whole picture.

Any increase in knowledge about your craft makes you a better craftsman. Not just the closest kind.

In fact, there's never really only A and B - knowledge is a layered spectrum of many alphabets.

Will learning every CSS property make you a better frontend dev? Sure, it might. But so will learning about UX principles or how a rendering engine works.

Arguing about which one is more essential is not useful. There's no right answer because they all are.

The path to competency is made up of many roads.

Sure, sometimes a road between two specific destinations is actually a highway for a certain person.

But that doesn't mean it should be the N-th road anyone should take.

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