🧑‍⚖️ A real verdict by an imaginary jury


Most people won't tell us what they think of us.

We have to simulate a model of ourselves in the minds of others and use it as an evaluation device.

This behavior is reflexive, like breathing. A subconscious assessment, steered by imaginary hearsay, influences our emotions. It directs our habits and behaviors.

A fantasy affecting reality.

As such, we don't focus on what we do but on what we want to look like we do. We're not happy with what we did unless we imagine others would approve.

This fictional foreign perspective corrupts our real internal state.

But we don't actually know what's in the heads of others. It's all make-believe.

This self-worth gauge concocted by our mind is not an indisputable arbiter of truth. It's more like a suggestion provider. A hint machine, if you will.

It makes mistakes, both in the direction and the size of the outcome. One useful signal out of many.

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