😴 LLMs are dreamers.

You, ai

LLMs are dreamers. Coders are the dream catchers that make those dreams a reality.

There’s little relation between what an LLM says it can do and its actual capabilities.

An LLM-based tool like ChatGPT lives in a larger system that has various capabilities (memory, actions, etc).

It’s awareness of the system's (and it's own) capabilities is due to words describing those capabilities being explicitly mentioned to it in its prompt (or ingrained through examples via fine tunning).

You can tell an LLM “you are a DJ that can play country music” and it will suddenly claim those capabilities in further discussions even though the actual implementation of musical actions hasn’t been done.

The reality is that an LLM is a dreamer and its every output is a hallucination.

LLM as a country music DJ © nem035RSS