🏁 Knowledge Checkpoints

You, learning

Multidimensional expertise can be reached faster by pursuing expertise in one dimension at a time versus chasing multiple dimensions at once.

Breadth is achievable through sequential units of depth.

Achieving expertise requires a lot of energy. Being an expert not nearly as much. Once something is learned to a high level of ability, it becomes instinctual. Intuitive behavior exerts little effort.

At this point you're effectively at ground zero, ready to go deep again.

The best part about it is that there're many of these "ground zero" points.

There're many levels of expertise and many points where a skill level becomes instinctual. The essential trick is to balance high effort activity with strategic pauses at each degree of achieved intuition.

Then you can proceed forward or turn towards something else without losing progress.

Every time you gain intuition for something is almost like a real world "save" button for your knowledge.

Focus on an atomic unit with tunnel vision until you figure it out. Now it's in your brain's backpack, light weight, compressed and understood, leaving a lot of room for whatever comes next.

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