💪 Following Through

You, motivation

Why does not following through feel so easy?

It's crazy that the default state of my mind when I decide to do something is to provide comfort in failure.

Any goal I've ever reached, big or small, I had to do it in spite of my brain bombarding me with justifications to give up.

My natural instinct is to avoid an immediate, smaller suffering even if it alleviates larger ones in the future.

Our body is in charge of protecting us 24/7. It doesn't care about the long-term benefits of temporary discomfort, it's just trying to keep you safe right here and now.

Building momentum is difficult. This is true both the first time you start and over time, especially when you pause, skip or life gets distracting.

Getting started is hard. Being consistent is even harder because it involves overcoming the "getting started" friction many times over.

If you want to follow things through, you must be determined and push yourself when you don't feel like doing it.

Action overcomes inertia.

Progress is mostly made up of those days on which you don't feel like making an effort, yet you still do it.

Consistent effort compounds.

There's not much growth in the comfort zone. Doing things despite the stress, despite our fear of embarrassment, despite the risk of failure, is the only path towards progress.

To go far, you don't have to show up many days in a row, but you do have to show up most of the days.

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