🤖 ChatGPT

You, ai coding


ChatGPT will make the distance between English and code converge to zero.

It will eliminate the straightforward and tedious parts of coding and 10x the coder's speed to do the rest.

No more unit tests, stack overflow searches and documentation reading.

What used to take minutes will now take seconds.

With tools controlled through human-like communication, billions of people will get access to coding.

Picture how introducing C's English-like syntax after Assembly's hieroglyphics catapulted programmer productivity. Now multiply that by a 1000.

If you can write English and think systematically, you can be a junior dev.

We'll of course still have to reason about code, systems, features and design. More so than ever.

But we'll also have a lot more time to do so.

This technology will unlock a multi-factor increase in developer productivity.

It's the best coding tool ever created.

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