🌐 Art of Negotiation

You, skills

Building Rapport

Tactical Empathy

Using Calibrated Questions

The Power of Silence

Anchoring (aka The Decoy Effect)


BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement)

Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)

Splitting the Difference

"Yes, and..."

"No" is the Start, Not the End

Beware of "Yes"; Aim for "That's Right"

Time Pressures

Physical Mirroring

Verbal Mirroring

Changing Negotiators

The "Late Night FM DJ Voice"

Revealing Information Gradually

The Accusation Audit

The Flinch

The "7-38-55" Rule

Reservation Price/Point


Objective Criteria

Active Listening


Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers (MESOs)


Managing Emotions


Money Isn't the Only Currency

Embrace "I Don't Know"

Always Be Prepared to Walk Away

Passion and Emotion

The Power of Listening

Understand the Value of Time

Seek Win-Win, But Protect Your Interests

Question Everything

Know Yourself and Your Counterpart

Strategic Positioning

Avoid Prolonged Conflict


Subterfuge and Deception

Backchannel Communications

Patience is Key

Understand Cultural Nuances

Preparation and Knowledge


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