šŸŽ® Finite vs. Infinite Games

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Finite games have clear winners and losers. They start and end. Boundaries are set. Rules are known. Think: baseball or college admissions.

Infinite games? They're played for the joy of playing. Consider business or politics. Infinite players outdo finite ones.

For instance:

Over time, infinite players prevail. Finite players tire or exhaust their resources.

Value matters more than short-term gains. The best organizations prioritize values over fleeting interests. Finite players often miss this.

Authenticity and value draw loyalty. Know your mission. Stand for something. Peopleā€”whether employees or customersā€”gravitate towards authenticity.

A goal? That's running 26.2 miles. A vision? Being a lifelong runner.

Great entitiesā€”be they companies, communities, or individualsā€”embrace the infinite game. They're steered by values, not mere interests. Their vision may seem out of reach now, but it's the pursuit that sparks innovation.

Unity and loyalty stem from a shared purpose.

So, why merely win a race when you can be a runner for life?

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