💪 200 pushups per day for 1 year

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As the holidays were approaching last year, I decided to give myself a physical challenge for the upcoming year.

To counter the procrastination instinct of "I'll start on the 1st of the month", I started on a random Sunday: Nov 6, 2022.

The goal was to do 200 pushups / day for 1 year.

Yesterday I successfully completed the challenge while adding a few more exercises into the mix along the way.

Here's the breakdown:

Daily Averages & Totals
Exercise Timeline

Two main takeaways:

  1. Consistency trumps initial momentum. The real challenge isn't starting; it's maintaining that momentum on most days, with life's chaos coming your way.

  2. Discipline > Motivation. Motivation fluctuates, but discipline is what keeps you going. Those days when you least feel like doing it are the days that contribute to your progress the most.

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