🚴‍♂️ Bike from Miami to Key Largo

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This summer, I embarked on a fun challenge: a 150-mile bike ride from Miami to Key Largo and back, accompanied by my friend Slavo.


Our training began a month earlier, with early mornings spent cycling through Miami's quiet streets.

The highlight was a challenging but exhilarating 60-mile (100km) round trip to Ft. Lauderdale, setting the stage for our main adventure.

Map showing the route we took from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. Total distance: 57.47 miles

The Challenge

The real test started a week later.

Seeking to avoid the traffic-heavy highways, we took a detour through the Everglades on the L-31e Biscayne Trail. This path, however, brought its own trials: navigating swamps and facing swarms of relentless bugs.

Map showing the trail we took through the Everglades. Dirt road through the Everglades. Bike covered in dirt after riding through the Everglades.

Leaving the wilds of the Everglades, we felt a wave of relief and accomplishment.

Water in Key Largo

Our reward was a peaceful night on a houseboat in Key Largo, a serene contrast to the day's chaos.

Houseboat in Key Largo

In total we biked ~150mi (~240km) from Miami to Key Largo and back, over the course of 3 days, on and off road, rain or shine.

Map showing half of the route we took from Miami to Key Largo.


Two key insights emerged from our pedals:

  1. Before this trip, a 20-mile ride was my limit. Surpassing that to 60 miles in a day, and 150 miles over three days, was a testament to our potential when we push our boundaries.

  2. Having a specific objective transformed my routine biking into a purpose-driven pursuit. It's remarkable how a clear goal can motivate you to rise at dawn with energy and determination.

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